“Confrontation” wheel engraved
 on kiln worked glass
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Denis Mann Glass
“ The Fisherman”
Wheel engraved on a 
sand-cast block
“The Guitarist” Wheel
engraved on optical
glass block
“The Clan Gunn Galley”
“Reflections” engraved on
several layers, fused together.
“Dischord” Wheel engraved
 on flashed glass
These examples span a number of years.
“Ancient Peoples” engraved
on a piece blown by Adrienne
Mc Stay.
“Driven Leaves” Several layers
and wire inclusions
“Dryad” kiln-formed
Dream Angus
Due to personal circumstances I have not exhibited
very much recently but in the past I have shown work
in many countries including The USA; the Czech Republic,
Holland and of course the UK. I hope to rectify this
omission very soon with a new range of work.